Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Health care India,Indian hospital transplant surgery

Medical Tourism India, Our Services are Heart Surgery, Eye Surgery, Knee Replacements, Orthopedic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Chennai Spinal Surgery, Dental Specialists in Nigeria Weight Loss Surgery, Transplants Treatments Chennai. High quality medical treatment at costs 50-60% is what attracts international patients to India. In addition, Care medical tourism presents medical tourist an opportunity to explore its exotic beaches, cultural heritage, rejuvenate through ayurveda and treatments and enjoy watching the freely roaming wild life in sanctuaries.

Care Medical Tourism offers cost-effective and relevant medical treatment options in India. It is managed by a team, which includes Doctors, Service & Outsourcing industry professionals, marketing and Finance Experts with in depth knowledge about treatments & India as a Destination. Care Medical Tourism has identified and set up professional relationships with India’s most respected medical facilities and alternate treatment providers. Care Medical Tourism with its extensive local experience has set up professional Vendor relationships, which include Airlines, Hotel Chains, Service Apartments, Car rental companies, Home care service providers, Local tour services, Housekeeping services, Foreign exchange and Visa services.
Medical Tourism India Care Medical Tourism Nigeria Heart Surgery Eye Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Cosmetic surgery Chennai spinal surgery Chennai etc. doctors details in Chennai Professionals Hospitals India Surrogacy India IVF Treatment in Nigeria.
Care Medical Tourism
B 27, I Floor,
Karthikeyan Road,
Periyar Nagar,
Chennai 600082.
Tel: +91 44 42866303
Mobile : 9841403610
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Fax: +91 44 42160499


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